Brillouin DataView

Preview and organize your scientific data files in the Windows Explorer

graphic preview, customizable infotips, parameter tables

Brillouin DataView provides extensions of the Windows Explorer that provide graphic thumbnail images, customizable infotips, and parameter tables for scientific data files. All information is extracted directly from the files - no editing of file attributes necessary. File formats are detected by extension and internal keywords. All features are customizable.

Brillouin DataView is able to support a wide variety of file formats that contain one-dimensional or two-dimensional numeric data. Some formats have already been implemented, others can be implemented on request. Brillouin DataView is an open-source project, contributions of code and donations are welcome.

Brillouin DataView runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, and probably Vista (32-bit versions only). Please read the release notes before downloading and installing Brillouin!

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