About Brillouin DataView

The name Brillouin was chosen because it's so difficult to pronounce. Just kidding. In fact, it is named after French physicist  Léon Nicolas Brillouin who introduced the Brillouin zone to solid state physics. In a distant analogy to the Brillouin zone which provides a view on the electronic structure of a solid Brillouin DataView provides a look to the inside of a scientific data file.

Brillouin DataView was originally developed by kspace muntwiler+gresch, Zurich, Switzerland, as a part of their Croissant photoelectron spectroscopy software. Due to its potential support of a wide variety of file types it was released as open source in May 2007 for the benefit of the scientific community. The open source project is still maintained by the original developer, any contributions to the project are highly welcome (please see the Contribute page).

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